Competition Leotards and Attire

NWG Competition Leotards and clothing are currently supplied by Sylvia P.

Polo Shirts, Tracksuits and Backpacks can be ordered from our Store or at the Gym

From time to time we’ll place bulk orders. If you are interested please click here for the order form.


Sylvia P Ordering Details

Login to the Club Corner using the details below.


Club Corner (top right tab)
Log In: North West Gymnastics
Password: nwg4825

Allow minimum 4 weeks for items.

1. Pick items
2. Place order
3. Create and account of your own.

The leotards are level specific. Please be sure to order the leotard that is correct for “your child’s” class and level as they will be unable to compete in the wrong leotard.

To clarify… as an incentive the WAG (Womens Artistic Gymnastics) leotards get more “bling” as they move up levels.

Sylvia P – Womens Uniform Sizing Guide

Sylvia P – Mens Uniform Sizing Guide


Please note there are long and short sleeve versions. Hughenden competition is normally held in the winter months which may be worth considering.

  • WAG and MAG gymnasts level 0 and 1 are welcome to wear plain black to comps (boys are also welcome to wear club polos).
  • WAG and MAG Level 2+ are to be in correct attire. (Leotard, polo and white ankle socks.)
  • MAG gymnasts need to have white longs also.
  • WAG gymnasts are unable to wear shorts.

WAG Leotards

WAG Level 1-3 Competition Leotard NWG
WAG Level 1-3 Competition Leotard NWG
WAG Level 4-6 Competition Leotard NWG
WAG Level 4-6 Competition Leotard NWG
Level 7-10 Competition Leotard NWG
Level 7-10 Competition Leotard NWG

MAG Uniforms

Level 3-10 MAG
Level 0-2 MAG



These outfits are NOT compulsory for training. We have “Pre Loved” items in GREAT condition at the gym.

For new and locally made Training Leotards check out the Pollyanna Activewear options

For other Gymnastics Clothing – Polo’s, Tracksuits and Grips check our Store.


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