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Our Classes

North West Gymnastics offers a range of classes and programs to suit all ages and abilities. Here you’ll find an overview of Our Classes, our Timetable and Calendar. You can learn more about the Benefits of Gymnastics here. Check out our pathways and class descriptions below to understand the classes for you and your child’s

NWG North West Gymnastics Portfolio Benefits of Gymnastics

The Benefits of Gymnastics

Our Sport! Welcome to the fantastic sport of Gymnastics. We trust that you will enjoy your time with us and hope your children continue to benefit from this great sport. Positive movement experiences can influence a ones outlook on physical activity for life. We aim to create positive healthy physical recreation opportunities for members both

North West Gymnastics About Us

About North West Gymnastics

North West Gymnastics offers a range of programs and classes to suit all ages and abilities. Recreational and Competitive Gymnastics, Acro, Womens Tumbling, Trampoline, Jungle Gym, Kinder Gym, Baby Gym, Parkour. Over time we know your children will benefit through general health, socially and through commitment, discipline, motor skills, balance, coordination and strength. North West

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Mens’ Artistic Gymnastics

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics channels masculine energy to develop power, strength and control. Mastery of the six apparatus requires the skilful combination of flips, balance, stretch, spin and landings. Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Builds strength and prepares the body for the challenges in life Enhances co-ordination and agility, allowing the body to move like lightning Develops posture

NWG North West Gymnastics Portfolio GFA Gymnastics for All

Gymnastics For All

Gymnastics for All is a sport for everybody. You can develop amazing skills while getting strong and flexible in fun and challenging ways; it is a sport for life with something for all ages and all abilities. The basic skills of landing, rolling and being upside-down can be developed and enhanced to suit whatever kind

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Competition Leotards and Attire

NWG Competition Leotards and clothing are currently supplied by Sylvia P. Polo Shirts, Tracksuits and Backpacks can be ordered from our Store or at the Gym For the 2017 Competition Season we will be placing bulk orders. If you are interested please click here for the order form.   Sylvia P Ordering Details Login to

North West Gymnastics Competition Leotards and Attire

Training Leotards

We have a very talented mummy in our club. I have personally seen the Leo’s and they’re awesome! All details on the pics. Alternatively you can reach her via Facebook at Pollyanna AciveWear To order send the following information to 1. Style of Leotard 2. Block Fabric Colour (1-3) 3. Patterned Fabric (A-R) 4.

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