WAG Routine Resources

WAG Routine Resources

Here you can find various resources for the NWG Competition Routines

It is important to note that the APL video’s are not always 100% correct and there are a some options on the skills performed in some routines (especially in beam Level 4+) however they do provide the flow of the routines well. Known errors in the video’s are listed at the bottom of this page.


Level 1 WAG Routines

Level 1 Vault
Level 1 Floor
Level 1 Beam
Level 1 Uneven Bars


Level 2 WAG Routines

Level 2 Vault
Level 2 Floor
Level 2 Beam
Level 2 Bars



Level 3

Floor Routine: 
Bars Routine:
Beam Routine:
Beam Sections:

Level 4

Floor Routine: Whistle, Hunter of Stars;

Thanks to Indiana-Rose May for this YouTube Video


Also a good reference is Julia’s Level 4 routine: https://www.facebook.com/NorthWestGymnastics/videos/868082763280812/


Bars Routine:
Beam Routine:

Thanks to Indiana-Rose May for this YouTube of her Level 4 Beam Routine


Level 5

Floor Routine

Thanks to Indi Gym for this Level 5 WAG Floor Routine Video

Thanks to Indiana-Rose May for this video of her Level 5 Floor Routine

Beam Routine:

Thanks to Indiana-Rose May for this video of her Level 5 Beam Routine




Level 6

Floor Routine:
Vault, Bars and Beam:

Known key ALP video errors 

(As per: https://www.gymnastics.org.au/visageimages/Gymsports/Womens_Artistic_Gymnastics/Competition%20Program/WAG%20ALP%20v1%20Errata%201_Feb2015.pdf)



Level 3, 4 and 5 Beam – relevé hold for 2 secs following half turns – DVD doesn’t show this
relevé held for 2 secs, however it is required to be held for 2 seconds
Level 5 Beam Cartwheel routine – the order of the mount sequence is incorrect. This routine on
DVD shows the lever hold followed by the added dance on the beam. The correct order is the
added dance followed by the lever hold
Level 3-6 Beam Mounts – all routines on the DVD show the squat position at the end of the mount
sequence with the toes turned under. This squat position isn’t required to have the toes tucked
under. The gymnast can be in the squat position with toes flat.
Beam – Level 4 – Final pose before straight jump stride jump series (Section 4.3 page 6) . The final pose as listed in the manual states “weight on front foot, free leg pointed behind”. This is different to the DVD which has the gymnast standing on both legs with flat feet. Then there is a small wave of one hand around the face. For this position, follow the text in the choreography notes which requires weight on front leg, back foot pointed. The 2 photos in the manual (at very bottom of the page) are correct.

Floor – Level 5 – Six Feet Under routine. Dance following the walkover skill (Section 4.3 Page 38) – there is a variation between the DVD and the choreography notes and the beats to the music. The DVD shows the dropping of 1 arm at a time to beside the body, then the arms wrap around the body.  It is OK to drop the arms separately before wrapping around the body to allow the dance to match the music

Beam – Level 5 – Shoulder shrugs after handstand  .2 shoulder shrugs are listed (Section 4.3 page 12) . As there is no specific requirement in the manual that states the shrugs are completed with 1 or both shoulders (and the DVD shows with 1 shoulder only) it is acceptable to perform the shoulder shrugs with 1 or both shoulders.



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