• We’ve loved attending the Baby Gym classes. It’s a fun, interactive class for your baby & for parents to understand movement and play & what activities aid babies development and foster learning. We’ve enjoying teaching and watching our baby develop new skills and learn through play.

    Mary started crawling the same day after we did cross body movements in class, it was unreal! She has gained so much confidence, climbing and interacting with people.

    Great safe environment to learn how to support my baby during the early milestones.

    Baby Gym
  • Leah Wilcox recommends North West Gymnastics
    November 2019

    Our children participated in a fun in-house competition today. Both children have come home on cloud 9, having enjoyed showing off their skills to friends and family.

    Thanks NWG for organising and pulling of an amazing day. The food was great, atmosphere was great and smiles on the children’s coaches faces… just amazing!!

    NWG Testimonial Leah Nwgmountisa Mount Isa Gymnastics
    Leah Wilcox
  • Gail Wickham recommends North West Gymnastics.

    July 2019

    Miss Kylie and Richard are amazing coaches at North West Gymnastics!  The staff at North West Gymnastics are not just gym coaches, they are like family who treat every child as their own, always making their classes fun, education and creative, and 100% all about the children and praise them on their achievements! Thank you, to all of you, you guys are amazing!

    Lana Testimonial NWG North West Gymnastics Mount Isa
    Gail Wickham
  • Natalie Frahm recommends North West Gymnastics

    June 2019

    I only had my daughter in gymnastics for a short while before we left town but in that short time she learnt SO much. Kylie and the coaches are incredible, they are all so friendly and great communication with parents. Highly recommend!!

    Love North West Gymnastics Mount Isa NWG WAG Pink
    Natalie Frahm
  • Michelle Schmeltzer recommends North West Gymnastics.

    May 2019

    During our time of living in Mount Isa – North West Gymnastics has been an incredible part of my daughters happiness💛 the excitement she has on her face when I tell her it’s gymnastics and that’s all due to the incredible coaches that really take the time & effort to care for each and every child in their class.

    Miss Kylie is phenomenal she lives and breathes her gym & it’s students. I appreciate all the support and encouragement she has given my daughter. We are going to miss your fantastic classes! May you continue to succeed 🙏🏻 we wish you the absolute best!!!!! (more…)

    Miss Kylie Coach North West Gymnastics Mount Isa nwgmountisa mountisagymnastics mountisaacro mountisaacrobatics mountisagymnasticscoach
    Michelle Schmeltzer
  • Nicole Hall recommends North West Gymnastics.

    April 2019

    My 3 year old daughter has been attending North West Gymnastics for almost a year now and she loves it!!! She started out as a shy little girl who was scared to try new things but with the help of her wonderful coaches she has come out of her shell and will give anything a go (with a bit of encouragement of course).

    Kylie and the team have turned my little girl into an absolutely gymnastics obsessed being. Now she looks for it everywhere she can! On her tablet, on the TV – EVERYWHERE!!!! (more…)

    NWG North West Gymnastics Testimonial Kimmy
    Nicole Hall
  • Cath Nicol recommends North West Gymnastics.

    13th April 2019

    My daughter loves going to gymnastics. The staff/trainers are always friendly and helpful with the kids. My daughter always has a smile on her face. Fees are reasonably priced.

    Love North West Gymnastics Mount Isa NWG WAG Purple
    Cath Nicol
  • Sarah Murray-Brooks recommends North West Gymnastics.

    29th January 2019

    My daughter just Had THE most amazing birthday party at North West Gymnastics 🤸‍♀️

    Miss Kylie and the team are amazing! The process of arranging the party with NWG and the party itself was sooo easy and all of the children aged 1 to 13 had a fantastic time 😝

    Thankyou soooo much to miss Kylie and her team, I would highly recommend everyone holding their kids parties here no matter how big or small!!

    Love North West Gymnastics Mount Isa NWG WAG Pink
    Sarah Murray-Brooks
  • Kate Lavell reviewed North West Gymnastics.

    November 2018

    Our son is a typical 8 year old boy, loves motorbikes, football and everything rough.

    I have had many people question why we have him enrolled in level classes at North West Gymnastics because he is such a rough tough boy?  The answer is simple, foundations….. Gymnastics has given our son many skills that he uses for his primary sports. (more…)

    Love North West Gymnastics Mount Isa NWG MAG Black
    Kate Lavell
  • Sharon Malliband recommends North West Gymnastics.

    December 2018

    Love North West Gymnastics Mount Isa NWG MAG Red
    Sharon Malliband

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