2021 Term 1 Gymnastics

2021 Term 1 Gymnastics

Event Details

Want a sneak peak at our 2021 Timetable? It is shaping up to be massive with over 60 class options.

Additional classes for both our Recreational and Competitive Gymnasts!
Looking to change or cease classes – please let us know via the Portal or Email ASAP as we are working this week to place kids in classes before moving onto our waitlists.

New members welcome anytime!

Enrol today via our Parent Portal  

2021 Term 1 Class Timetable

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You can find our Timetable and Calendar page here.

Term 1 2021 runs from Sunday the 31st January to Thursday the 1st April 2021.

New members are welcome to join anytime.

North West Gymnastics Pathways

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North West Gymnastics Classes and Pathways

North West Gymnastics Class Prices

Indicative pricing is listed below under each class however please note pricing reduces as the number of term classes increases across the whole family. 

Annual Membership (12 month rolling period) is applicable for all participants in the gym (including babies in carriers). Annual membership covers insurance through Gymnastics Australia. Membership pricing is $50 for Under 5’s, $70 for recreational classes and $90 for Level 3+ Competitive Classes. 

North West Gymnastics Class Details

Under 5’s Programs

Our under 5’s programs are Fun and Educational. Mount Isa Teachers have praised us for the positive influences our classes have on the Kids in School and in settling into School.

  • Baby Gym (4 – 12 months).
    • A structured 30 minute class for 4 – 12 month old babies.
    • A Term based program at approx. $11.50 per 30 minute class.
  • Mini Movers (walking – 4 years) – Parent Participation – Structured Class.
    • A structured class for those building confidence with Parent Participation.
    • A Term Based program at approx $11.50 per 30 minute class.   
  • Early Learners / Kinder Gym (3 – 5 years).
    • A structured class for girls and boys 3-5 years. A great introduction to gymnastics. These Superstars are AMAZING.
    • A Term based program at approx. $17 per 45 minute class.

Fun and Recreational Classes

Fun and inclusive gymnastics programs where kids learn fundamental movement, independence and a heap of life skills. Pricing is indicative only, class prices reduce as class hours increase.

  • Ninja Foundations (Ages 4-6 and 6-8 – 2 Separate Class Options)
    • For boys and girls with Energy to Burn. Incorporates Trampoline, Ninja, Air Floor, Bars, Ring, and much much more!!
    • A Term based class at approx. $18.25 per class.
  • Flips and Tricks – Acro Foundations, (approx. 7 years+)
    • Ideal for gymnasts or dance students to improve their floor maneuvers and dance specific tumbling skills. Complimentary for levels gymnastics.
    • Incorporates Gymnastics Apparatus including Beam and Bars.
    • Open for both Boys and Girls.
    • A Term based class at approx. $25 per 70 minute class.
  • Flips and Tricks – Intermediate Acro and Tumbling, (approx. 8 years+)
    • Ideal for gymnasts or dance students to improve their floor maneuvers and dance specific tumbling skills. Complimentary for levels gymnastics.
    • Open for both Boys and Girls.
    • A Term based class at approx. $31 per 1.5 hour class.
  • Flips and Tricks – Aerials and Tumbling, (approx. 9 years and up pending experience)
    • A tumbling class with a twist :). Incorporates a rotation between Aerial Silks, Trampoline and Tumbling Skills.
    • Open for both Boys and Girls.
    • A Term based class at approx. $31 per 1.5 hour class.
  • Strength, Flexibility and Injury Prevention, (8 years+ Includes Adults)
    • Fundamental Core, Leg and Arm strength program coupled with injury prevention (prehab) exercises and flexibility. A huge boost to any Gymnastics or Dance Program.
    • Open for both Boys and Girls.
    • Classes on a Term basis at approx. $21.60 per 1 hour class. 
  • Girls Introductory Levels Classes:
    • Girls Beginners (5 – 7 years),
    • Girls Foundations (6 – 10 years) and
    • Girls Intermediate (7 – 10 years)
    • Class costs are nominally $21.60 per hour. Note however class costs reduce for kids and families attending multiple classes down to $13.25 per hour.


North West Gymnastics Offers Discounts for Families with Multiple Kids or Kids in Multiple Term Classes.

Competitive Programs

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality competitive gymnastics program in the region. Our WAG (Women’s) and MAG (Men’s) programs are the foundation for what we love and do.

North West Gymnastics NWG Classes Portfolio

  • Strength, Flexibility and Injury Prevention
    • Fundamental conditioning for Gymnasts, Dancers and Acrobats focused on foundation strength development and joint stability.

    Personal Training

    Work with one of our qualified coaches to zone in on specific areas or polish skills and techniques. We hold accreditations in Advanced Women’s and Men’s Gymnastics, Acro Gymnastics, Tumbling, Acrobatic Arts, Sports Coaching and more.

    Open to all sports, athletes, dancers, gymnasts and more.

    We can customise programs to suit your needs.

    Please Contact Us via email or Messenger to arrange or discuss what we can offer.

    • 1 person x 1 hour $45
    • 2 People x 1 hour $60
    • 1 Person x 30 min $30

    Birthday Parties

    NWG North West Gymnastics Birthday Portfolio

    We love to host Birthday parties and can adapt to accommodate exactly what you are after for any age. You can find more information on our Birthday Parties here.

    All our parties are supervised by trained and accredited coaches.

    Open/Free play or Structured activities can be accommodated.


    Private Functions

    Please Contact Us via email or Messenger for info should you wish to utilise our venue for a private function.

    Other Offers

    Our venue offers something for the whole family from Boot Camps and Personal Training through to a variety of dance and circus activities.

    Check out more information on Our Partners here.

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You can find information on Our Classes here, including our Timetable and Calendar.

For enrolments please see our Parent Portal.

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