NWG 2019 In-House Competition

NWG 2019 In-House Competition

Event Details

North West Gymnastics 2019 In-House Competition.

Saturday 2nd November 2019

⭐️ Session 1: Early Learners

  • Time: 8:30 – 10:00

⭐️ Session 2: Boys Foundations – Ninja

  • Time: 9:45 – 11:00

⭐️ Session 3: Boys Level 2/3

  • Time: 9:45 – 11:15

⭐️ Session 4: Girls Beginners Level 1

  • Time: 10:45 – 12:30

⭐️ Session 5: Girls Level 3

  • Time: 11:30 – 13:30

⭐️ Session 6: Girls Foundations Pre Level 2

  • Time: 12:15 – 14:00

⭐️ Session 7: Girls Intermediate Level 2

  • Time: 12:15 – 14:00

2019 November NWG Mount Isa North West Gymnastics Fun Comp Carnival


⭐️ Gold coin donation on entry

⭐️ Raffle tickets on Sale $10 each

All proceeds go towards upgrading the bathrooms and the parents seating area.

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There is no requirement for competition or club leotards or attire. You are however welcome to wear these if you have them. 

For Girls a leotard or tight fitting clothing will suffice. For Boys, shorts and a singlet are ideal. 

All About our In-House

NWG in-house fun comp is a day to celebrate your children and all they have learnt at gymnastics. It’s their chance to shine and realise how amazing they are. Fun comps also give the children a taste of what a regional competition would be without the expense of travelling to Hughenden or Townsville

⭐️ For Early Learners:
It’s a chance for the little ones to show their parents what skills they can do and what skills they are still working on. They don’t need to learn a routine, they will participate in fun circuits incorporating core fundamental skills we have been working on this year.
What do they get out of it? A chance to shine, a certificate of participation, a skill sheet with stickers and stamps for each skill they try on their own or with a little help. Their first gymnastics ribbon. And most of all they get to feel proud.
Do they need a club Leo? No the clothes they wear to their normal class will be fine

⭐️ For Girls Beginners, Foundations, Intermediate:
It’s a circuit based event where the girls will demonstrate skills and mini or part routines from the Australian Levels program. We have club judges that assess their ability to complete a selection of skills but there is no comparison made between children (no direct competition where children are ranked). All skills and mini routines will be familiar for the girls but they will have their coaches guiding and helping them on the day. For many parents this will be the first time that you see your child on all apparatus and the kids will be elated to show you what they can do.
What do they get out of it? Each participant will receive a ribbon for each apparatus (floor, beam, bars, vault and tramp) based on the average score for all the skills assessed in that section.
Each child will receive a participation certificate on the day and the chance to stand up in front of everyone. They will also receive a copy of the skill assessment sheet which shows the areas they are excelling and the areas that are still working to master.
Why is it important? Each and every child should have the chance to feel proud, a chance to shine and to know what they are working towards and the opportunity to show their parents how strong and how far they have come. The skill assessments also help to guide class placements into the new year and guide better coaching practices.

⭐️ For the Boys (foundations):
It will be a circuit based event where they get to demonstrate not only their gymnastics skills but also their ninja skills and strength, Their speed and agility with a timed obstacle course.
For the Level 2+ Boys and Level 3 Girls it will be a chance to show family and friends the routines they have learnt and a chance to be judged on their execution of routines. For some this will be their first chance to compete against themselves and their team mates for others it will give them the drive to continue or a chance to look back at how they have come and consolidate everything they have learnt.

I would highly recommend that your child Participates because the pride and the smiles on their faces with light you up from the inside.
I would also love to see the little ones stay and watch the older kids so they get the chance to see what’s ahead for them as they grow and learn through gymnastics.


Keen to Volunteer to Help Out. Check out the Form Below.

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Please outline the times that you can assist (if any), types of activities. Ticket Selling, Canteen Operation, General Support, Set up (night before), Pack up (after event).

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