NWG In House Comp 23rd July 2017

NWG In House Comp 23rd July 2017

Event Details

NWG In House Competition 23rd July 2017.

Good luck to all our competitors💕💕💕

Being an In-house Comp uniforms are not compulsory however leotards or dress similar to competition requirements appreciated.

Please ensure your child brings a water bottle.

We’ll have Buffs Club raffle tickets and a money board on sale 🙂

Reminder to bring some snacks or take advantage of our vending machine.

Warmup starts at the times listed so please there ahead of time and ready for your group to be called.


Start times for warm-up are listed below

In House Competition Timetable

Mens (MAG) – Levels 1 and 2 – 8:15-10:15

Early Learners – Group A – 10:15-12:00

Early Learners – Group B – 10:30-12:00

WAG Level 1 (4-6yrs) – Group C – 10:45-12:15

WAG Level 1 6yrs+ – Group E – 11:15-1:00

WAG Level 1 6yrs+ – Group F – 11:30-1:00

WAG Level 5 – WAG Level 5 – 12:15-1:45

WAG Level 2 – Group H – 1:15-3:00

WAG Level 2 – Group I – 1:30-3:00

WAG Level 3 – WAG Level 3 – 2:20-4:00

WAG Level 4 – WAG Level 4 – 3:20-5:20



MAG Levels 1&2
Darcy Toms
Eli Constantinou
Jean Lavell
Addison Lear
Jaxon Constantinou


Group A – Early Learners
Michaela Jones
Lainie Palmer
Lani Lavell
Kayleigh Mealing
Arie Ketchup


Group B – Early Learners
Ada English
Holly Ivanov
Hannah Inskip
Astelle Lear


Group C – WAG Level 1 4-6yrs
Breanna Toms
Lana Wickham
Ayla Coles
Alexis Lear
Zoe Ivanov
Macy English


Group E – WAG Level 1 6yrs+
Lily Caesar
Georgia Jones
Niah Murphy
Olivia Wilcox
Emily Van der Veen
Riley Wehlow
Molly Achilles
Lillian Scotney


Group F – WAG Level 1 6yrs+
Isabella Dolzan
Sienna Marshall
Charli Marshall
Madison McArdle
Lola Villanueva
Celia Eloko-Melet
Amari Ogunlola


Group H – WAG Level 2
Ella Palmer
Audrey Eussen
Ashlea Toms
Truly Karki
Ashlea Lavell
Gabriella Dolzan


Group I – WAG Level 2
Claire Muir
Paige Marshall
Charlotte Inskip
Jessica Hennessey
Katie Brock
Hayley Brock


WAG Level 3
Charlottle Burns
Jasmine Harvey
Savanna Burford
Indya Burford
Rachael Scrimgeour


WAG Level 4
Madi Clauson
Justice Langtree
Abigail Constantinou
Maddison Dolzan
Shay Stringer
Crystal Marsh
Kate Hines



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