NWG In-House Performance and SFC Testing Day

NWG In-House Performance and SFC Testing Day

Sunday, February 26 at 8 AM – 3:30 PM

Sunday 26th February North West Gymnastics is having an In-House performance and SFC testing for all our Levels gymnasts from Early Learners to WAG Level 6. Nominations are $10 with Nomination forms available at the gym. They need to be returned by the 19th February. All term fees must be paid in full prior to this event.

Early Learners to Level 2 will have the chance to perform the routines that they have been learning over the last 4 weeks. It will be a great introduction to In-House competitions. They will receive a Certificate of Participation for their wonderful efforts. Judging of Routines will occur at In-House competitions in Term 2 and Term 3.

Level 3 – Level 6 will undergo baseline SFC testing and will receive an SFC testing record. This is essential so the gymnasts can see their own improvement over the next 12 months as we will repeat the testing in Term 4.

Please submit your Nominations at the Gym. Nomination Form and details below.

NWG 2017 Term 1 In-House Performance and SFC Testing Day Details

NWG 2017 Term 1 SFC Testing Nomination Form

Check out the menu our Committee have put together for our in-house testing and display day!! 26th Feb

Are you able to help to help out with the canteen? We would love to hear from you!! Nominate at the gym or comment below.

We are looking for volunteers to help from 7:30-9am, 9am-11am, 11-2pm, 2-4pm. If other times suit better please let us know. All help is welcome and appreciated!!

Unable to help out? Perhaps you still can with donation of the following items for the canteen:
– Small plastic cups
– Juice Poppers
– Chocolate Milk Poppers
– Boxes of soft drinks – Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Fanta
– Boxes of Jelly – any flavour

NWG In-house SFC day Menu February 26th 2017

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