October 2019 Working Bees

October 2019 Working Bees

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We are getting excited with our equipment coming for our expansion only weeks away. We know we are going to need any support you can spare to get the area ready for installation.

Hi all, we’ll be having working Bees from Thursday Afternoon through to Sunday. No need to wait for the weekend. Would love for any minutes you can spare!

We will get some gear sweeping gear down there tomorrow if you can spare a minute while classes are on.

Priority Jobs –

    1. Sweeping (and once Swept – Vacuuming the downstairs cement area)
    2. General Dusting and Cleaning Down. Hoses may be suitable up the far end of the shed but we just have to watch we don’t wet any equipment. We likely need a big squeegee if this is to happen…
    3. Sorting through anything under the tramp trick wall and open area into Dispose or Keep or Give Away. This Weekend Kylie Tells me that there is an amnesty on at the dump so it would be ideal to be ready for this.
    4. Removal of the fence. The only thing to remain is the existing gate into the silks area.
    5. Dump Runs.
    6. Likely will also need to take the sprung floor down there apart and stack ready for shipping to Cairns. Need the area clean though first.
    7. Installation of the Dam Wall Across the Western Doorway.
    8. Filling any holes in the panel work around the shed.


Dates and Times

  • Thursday the 24th October from 5:30 to 8pm
  • Friday the 25th October from 11:00 to 1pm
  • Saturday the 26th October from 10:30 to 4pm
  • Sunday the 27th October from 9:30 to 4pm 

Keen to share the plans with you. The gear is now being prepped for shipping!!

The Downstairs Gym will have:
✨ 2 x bar sets with 1 adjustable single rail with replaceable rails for MAG/Loops, 1 WAG bar set with removable bottom rail.
✨ 2 Wall Bar Sets.
✨ 16.8mx14m Sprung Floor!!
✨ 4 beams area all underlayed by 200mm foam – Complete with Mount and Dismount Space
✨ Vault run and Vault Mat Stack
✨ Extra Crash Mats and Spotting Boxes.

Will be amazing for not only competitive gymnasts but for those days where we see mayhem on the floor for warmup, Acro classes and to enable recreational classes after 5pm weekdays!

You can find information on Our Classes here, including our Timetable and Calendar.

For enrolments please see our Parent Portal.

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